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LASED Inglewood Artist Registry

The LASED Inglewood Artist Registry is now open for submission by Inglewood-based individual artists and non-profit arts organizations in the visual, performing, media, and literary arts. Please distribute this link to artists/NPAO’s living/located in, working, and/or maintaining a studio/performance venue in Inglewood.

An Inglewood Artist and Non-Profit Arts Organization Registry is being established as a resource for the Los Angeles Stadium and Entertainment District (LASED) for ongoing temporary and permanent artworks, cultural programming and site activation over the next ten years. The purpose is for LASED to connect with the creative people who live, work, or maintain a studio in Inglewood. As opportunities arise, the LASED public art consultant team may solicit proposals from artists and arts organizations on the registry. In addition, specific opportunities may allow for a notification to be sent to everyone on the Artist Registry indicating the project scope and application procedures. Artists who apply will be reviewed by an Ad Hoc Panel which may include members from the creative community of the City of Inglewood, representatives of the LASED project team, and independent arts professionals.


Steps to Register

Login to Café website:

Click: Apply to Calls

Call Name: LASED Inglewood Artist Registry

See the following link to access the call directly:

For questions or more information on this artist call, please email


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Hiring Opportunities

Yes, to work on this project as a tradesperson you must be a member of a union. For more information on construction job opportunities, contact Inglewood One Stop Construction and Utilities Pathways Program (CUPP). For more information to work on the project, refer to the Opportunities page.

Yes, for non-union contractors, you must be willing to sign a union master labor agreement with the union in the trade you are performing. This project is secured by a project labor agreement.

Yes, there is an apprenticeship program for each trade. For more information and entry into the trades, contact the South Bay Workforce Investment Board Inglewood One Stop Construction and Utilities Pathways Program (CUPP). For more information on apprenticeship programs, refer to the Opportunities page.

Yes, the Community Engagement Team (CET) partners with several organizations to assist targeted individuals with construction job preparation, skills and training. For a list of Workforce partners, refer to the Opportunities page.

Contracting Opportunities

For more information on contracting opportunities, refer to the Opportunities page.


Yes, construction notices will be distributed by email. To receive updates, sign up for our newsletter.


As part of the Project, significant public infrastructure improvements will be made, including; modernizing traffic signals, upgrading streets and creating new public parks. All infrastructure costs will be paid in advance by the project developers.

Once the stadium is open, the Inglewood city government is projected to receive tens of millions in general fund revenues each year from the Project. This infusion of funds will help to balance the budget, improve and expand city services, and enhance public safety. Revenues from the project can also fund new after-school activities, such as mentoring and anti-gang programs.