Employment Opportunities

The developer, having committed to a one-hundred percent (100%) union job site, is further committed to ensuring 30% of construction related jobs are targeted for local area residents. A 15% Inglewood resident apprenticeship goal has been established to provide inexperienced workers an opportunity to develop skill and work on the project. All tradespeople on the project will be required to have current membership in unions within the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building and Construction Trades Council.

Priority Zip Codes

Inglewood Residents (Priority 1)

90301 90302 90303 90304 90305 90306
90307 90308 90309 90310 90311 90312

Surrounding Area/Local Residents (Priority 2)

90001 90002 90008 90011 90016 90037
90043 90044 90045 90047 90056 90059
90061 90062 90220 90221 90249 90250
90251 90260 90261

The team has also partnered with Inglewood One Stop Construction and Utilities Pathways Program (CUPP) to provide training and job placement for individuals either currently a member or interested in joining a union.

CUPP is specifically designed to identify prospective employees, provide worker orientations and identify opportunities to connect workers into training programs associated with the Building and Trades and Carpenters Unions for future employment. For more information regarding CUPP please email: stadiumjobs.cupp@sbwib.org or call: 310.680.3761. Visit the link below.

Inglewood One Stop Construction and Utilities Pathways Program (CUPP)

Quarterly jobs information and resource fairs will be held for Inglewood residents to learn more about construction employment opportunities and programs. For upcoming dates please see community page.

See our Local Hire spotlight: Local 433 Ironworkers with Southwest Steel

Workforce Partners:

Trade Partners:

Contract Opportunities

This project provides subcontracting opportunities for Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MBE/DBE). There is a goal of thirty percent (30%) MBE/DBE participation, with a minimum of eighteen percent (18%). Turner AECOM/ Hunt JV will review qualifications from registered vendors throughout all construction phases for subsequent opportunities. Although no specific goal has been set, the project will maximize efforts to use local Inglewood businesses whenever possible.

Click below to access the online registration form:

Interested MBE/DBE Subcontractor & Professional Services Statement

Minority and/or Disadvantaged Business Enterprises must be obtained through one of the following approved certifying agencies:

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

*A firm certified as DBE by the CUCP that is owned and controlled by a minority will be recognized for the MBE/DBE requirement.