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For Subcontractor Prequalification Applicants, please see the Turner Subcontractor Prequalification System Login Guide below to register.



Turner Subcontractor Prequalification System Log-in Guide

1. On, click on link “Become a Subcontractor”


2. Click on link “Create User”

3. You must first confirm whether you have an existing subcontractor prequalification record in the Turner system. This will likely be the case if you are a current Turner subcontractor. This will avoid confusion and prevent duplicate records in the system for your company.


A) If you are a current subcontractor with Turner or have completed a subcontractor prequalification in the past:

Contact your local Turner Office to see if you have an existing subcontractor prequalification ID. Confirm the following information: Federal tax identification number (FEIN), Company Name and Prequalification Number.

This information will need to match exactly what is entered currently in Turner’s system. We do this complete validation of your information to insure your privacy of data.

Company Name – Your name may not match exactly what is on your W-9 in the system. You’ll be able to adjust this after you are in the system, but must enter the name as it currently exists in the Turner system (case sensitive).

Subcontractor Prequalification # – Your prequalification number is a 10 digit number. Example: 0000001234. If you receive a number of 1234 you must fill it with six zeros when entering (i.e., 0000001234). You must enter all the zeros at the beginning to have it recognized.

B) If you are a new Turner subcontractor or have confirmed that no record exists in Turner’s system:

Enter your Federal tax identification number (FEIN) and legal company name (as it appears on your W9). Leave the Subcontractor Prequalification # blank.

After entering your information, click Submit to proceed.

4. Complete the information on the following screen and press “Submit”. **Make sure you click the checkbox to “accept Turner’s Terms of Service.”

5. Once submitted you will receive an email with your User name and Password, similar to the one below. **Please wait 15 minutes as stated in the email before proceeding with Step 6.


6. Return to and click on the link for Partner Login.


7. Enter your Username and Password.

Make sure you have the following options selected:

Security: This is a private computer
User Type: Partner User


8. You will be redirected to the Turner Collaborative Portal. On the right side of the screen, select from the drop down
box under “I Need To…” the “Subcontractor Prequalification” link

9. You will be redirected to your Subcontractor Prequalification page.